Create Interest for Public Walkways & Green Spaces with Eternity Planters

Posted on October 16, 2017

Public walkways  offer a unique opportunity to create an inviting outdoor space which draws one’s eye down the path and invites further exploration. There are many options when selecting materials for a walkway, however, one of the best ways to create visual appeal is to include planters in your design. These PureModern Eternity Planters offer a great way to create a warm, appealing, environment sure to delight visitors.

Modern Planters as Art Installations

PureModern’s Eternity Planters look like works of art even before adding greenery. With their large scale, unique profile, and variety of color finishes, these commercial planters create interest and add wonder to an otherwise bare landscape.  Envision a stunning display with a long row of planters, or an archway framed with gorgeous flowering plants from a gleaming bronze planter.  Adding these incredible pieces to any space will  instantly create an upscale environment.

Eternity Planters in Minimalist Spaces

Thanks to their simple design and matte black option, Eternity Planters also make great commercial planters for spaces where a minimalist design is desired. They’ll create a solid foundation piece for a space with plenty of neutral appeal, without distracting from the sense of serenity. With their natural greenery these modern planters are the perfect way to create an environment that is simplistic and relaxing while maintaining a sense of intrigue.

Eternity Planters Offer Urban Flair

If there’s one thing that urban spaces share, it’s a sense of surprise.  Metal infused planters are perfect for indoors or outdoors, and develop an interesting patina over time. When you select one of our stunning metal infused planters, guests in your space will enjoy their beauty for years to come. The natural beauty of this planter contrasted against the stark high rises and industrial buildings will peak any visitor’s interest, adding depth and warmth to a unique setting.  

Custom Colors and Finishes Available

At PureModern, we create custom planters for every order. Our planters are available in a variety of materials to suit your unique project. You can request Zinc, Copper, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, or Bronze, or choose your own custom fiberglass color with a glossy or matte finish.

To learn more about our custom planter process, or to request a quote, fill out our online form here.

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