Create Form & Structure with Fiberglass Planter Tree Gardens

Posted on February 28, 2018

PurePots by PureModern offer beautiful options for adding form and structure to any space

Form and structure are important elements in the design of any space, and especially when it comes to outdoor spaces. Without these two design elements, you’re more likely to create a feeling of chaos or random openness rather than a cohesive, well-planned area suited to your needs. But oftentimes the area you have to work with doesn’t lend itself well to its intended purpose. There may be awkward angles, too much area, or cramped, dark corners. That’s when you call in the big guns: fiberglass planters and container trees. These two elements can make a world of difference in how a space looks and feels.

Why Use Tree Gardens?

Container tree gardens are a perfect solution to your design needs, because trees add so much more than just beauty to a space. Trees provide a wealth of other benefits. Trees clean the air and provide an inviting sense of calmness to any environment. Trees can provide a focal point for your space, or frame a specific element that you want to draw attention to. And used in spaces with extremely high ceilings, container tree gardens can  create a feeling of intimacy by “lowering” the ceiling, making the space more relaxing and inviting.

Adding Function… and More

Let’s say, for example, that you’re designing a terrace for a local restaurant located on a busy street corner. Creating a “wall” to separate diners from the street traffic is a critical element here. Installing a row of fiberglass planters such as PureModern’s Axiom Square Tapered Planters filled with bamboo gives diners the privacy they desire while adding to the beauty of the space. These contemporary planters are finished in a variety of metals that will patina well over time. And bamboo is a fast-growing plant that will quickly create a living wall between the terrace and the street. Combine the two and you’ve added a gorgeous but functional touch to the dining terrace. You may even reduce the street noise; trees have been shown to reduce noise levels by absorbing some of the noise found in areas with a lot of hard surfaces or ambient noise.

An Artistic Touch

PureModern has a wide selection of contemporary planters that add interest and color to any space. Mix and match planters with any variety of tree suitable to container growth and you have endless combinations. Use a shorter variety of tree in a colorful fiberglass planter like the beautiful rust-colored Latona Planter and you can quickly fill an empty corner with brilliant color. Underplant container trees with vines or flowering annuals or perennials for added interest. Coffee shops, shopping malls, and office buildings can all benefit from this type of artistic treatment. Container trees also add a classy touch to a street or boulevard. Regardless of where you put them, container trees create a welcoming environment for your guests and customers.

Game Changers

Fiberglass planters are the perfect choice for container trees because they’re lightweight. This means they’re easier to move than conventional ceramic or metal planters once they’ve been filled with soil and plants. Move them from one corner of your space to another when the need arises. Not only does this give you the flexibility to easily change the shape of your outdoor space, but it allows you to move things around as the seasons change.

If you’re looking for a design solution for your challenging outdoor space, PurePots by PureModern might be just the answer. Our fiberglass planters come in a variety of sizes and colors. Custom sizes and colors are also available. If you’d like to add form and structure to your outdoor space with contemporary planters from PureModern, click here for a custom quote.

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