Create Eye-Catching Courtyard Sitting Areas with Tall & Round Planters

Dec 02, 2016

A courtyard is meant to provide a pleasant visual to those in its presence. If your current project is to create an eye-catching area that people will enjoy on a lunch break, during a walk, or from their window, we have a few suggestions. In order to create a gorgeous courtyard, you will need tall outdoor planters and round planters. Why, you may ask? A variation of tall outdoor planters and round planters can create a very pleasing atmosphere that provides a sense of balance and accentuates a variety of plantings. As shown below, you will see an example of our tapered planters that create the atmosphere you seek for your courtyard.

Tall Outdoor Planters

Modern Elite Tapered Planter Metallic Silver Aluminum

We offer various tall outdoor planters to choose from. For a courtyard sitting area, we have provided an example of one of our favorite decor ideas. At PureModern, we offer planters that are perfect for business offices, commercial and residential use. If a modern, custom courtyard sitting area is what you envision, we have the planters you need to make that dream a reality.

Round Planters

Eternity Planter


Ideally, a courtyard offers various planters incorporated throughout the space to provide unique surroundings. Many designers replicate a larger landscape with the use of multiple types of planters. The addition of round planters will add a design element that is visually appealing. They offer variety when grouped with tall outdoor planters.

Our round planters vary in size, design, shape and color. Depending on your goals, one or numerous planters can be incorporated throughout your design to keep the theme diverse and fluid.

View all of our planters here. If you have any questions, contact us at PureModern. We would be happy to help you select products that will transform your space with a touch of contemporary design.

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