Create Divided Spaces with Modern Commercial Planters

Posted on July 16, 2017

Many commercial buildings are designed as large open rooms, specifically to allow any type of business to come in and customize. But when your business calls for many smaller areas to be defined in that big space, you are faced with a conundrum. How do you keep a space from becoming dark or crowded, but still clearly define certain areas? One great option is to use commercial planters, like the rectangular planters in PureModern’s collection.

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Modern Design Element That Doesn’t Distract

Commercial planters are fantastic for dividing up a space because they accomplish two things: they create natural barriers that help clearly define where to arrange furniture and traffic flows. But they also don’t take up a lot of visual space. Plants seem like part of the landscape of the greater room, and so you won’t be faced with the dark and cramped quarters that are often seen with dividers like cubicles, big furniture, or screens. Rectangular planters work great because they create bases for furniture to be lined up against, and make it easy to define a specific traffic area.

Convenient Commercial Planters Let You Redo Your Space

If you have a variety of rectangular planters in your area helping to define smaller spaces, it’s easy to redo your large room at the drop of a hat. You just have to move the planters around to a new formation. Instead of disassembling cubicles or finding new ways to arrange hulking furniture pieces, you can simply move a planter to a new spot, and begin designing your new space around it. For convenience, castors can be installed on most planters to make it easier to move the planters around when the configuration of the room needs to be changed. PureModern’s helpful customer service team can ensure that you have the proper draining and irrigation system in place to allow you to grow healthy plants in any area of a building.

Turn Outdoor Space Useful with Commercial Planters

Many businesses don’t know the best way to utilize outdoor space at their location. A large courtyard with a few tables in one spot becomes mostly unused space. Make your customers, clients, partners, or guests comfortable by creating small sitting areas and conversation nooks outside. Commercial planters can be used to define these spaces and add a buffer of privacy between one space and the next. The outdoor location is great for the plants as well, and PureModern can help you find the perfect modern planter to keep your space looking streamlined.

And here’s another great advantage: Castors can be installed on most planters to make it easier to move the planters around when the configuration of the room needs to be changed!

Can’t Find the Right Commercial Planter? Customize!

If your space requires planters that are oddly shaped or sized, PureModern can help. We create custom commercial planters that are uniquely suited to your exact needs. We’ll help you find the right material, have the customization done on a timeline that works for your needs, and ensure that your budget is kept under control as well. Rush orders for grand openings or big events can be completed in as little as two weeks. Turn your large area into the comfortable, welcoming space you need to impress clients with contemporary commercial planters from PureModern.

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