Create a Stunning Trade Show Design with Round & Tapered Planters

Posted on March 15, 2018

Trade shows come in all shapes and sizes, from 5-day auto shows to spring lawn and garden shows. There are boat shows, RV shows, arts and crafts shows, and bridal shows. Vendors and suppliers often come from all over the country to participate in a really well-run trade show. That’s because participating in a trade show can be a great way to promote a business. Since the show is always centered around a theme or specific industry, exhibitors know right away that visitors to the show have at least a passing interest in what’s being sold. If they can create an eye-catching display to draw attendees in, they’ve won half the battle.

A Good Designer Helps Wow the Target Audience

Not all business owners are great at design, though, and that’s where the designer enters the picture. Let’s say the client is a florist who’s planning on setting up a booth at the upcoming Event Planners trade show. She’s in need of help with her booth space, and knows that if she can create a look that invites attendees in for a conversation, she’ll have a good chance of getting an opportunity to offer a quote for their next event. She knows a lot about flowers. But designing a booth space? That’s a whole different animal.

Creating an exciting and eye-catching trade show space takes a lot of work, the right tools, and a good eye for detail. Integrated well, these elements create a booth space that causes people to stop in their tracks. And the more time they spend in or in front of the booth, the more likely a sale is pending.

Perfectly Placed Planters Add Pizzazz

Contemporary metal and fiberglass planters are a great tool for trade show booth design. Various shapes, sizes, and colors let you mix and match to your heart’s content, creating displays that wow from across the room. The designer’s job is to ensure that the client’s booth does a lot of the selling for her, and strategically placed planters can help.

Award Winning Designs

Line the back of the booth with large round planters full of a tall plant like Jumbo Elephant Ears. The height of the plants, combined with the breadth of the leaves will create a lush green backdrop for the booth. Try the Modern Round Planter from PureModern for this arrangement. Tall grasses look stunning in tapered planters like the Orbit Tall Planter. Position these in between the Elephant Ears for some contrasting color and interest. Plant a couple of small lemon trees in the Nova Bell Shaped Planter and place them toward the front of the booth, where the brightly colored fruit attracts passers-by. And then go crazy with the rest of the space. Metal planters, round planters, tapered planters, rectangle planters...fill them all up with gorgeous blooms and position them to create faux walkways throughout the space. Even an irregular shape like PureModern’s Element 44 Planter fits in. Combine this metal planter with a spherical planter or two for a surreal display that wins awards. Don’t forget to vary the height of the displays by mixing in some tabletop planters. This booth will be the hit of the show!

Create your trade show design with tapered and round planters from PureModern. To order custom-designed, metal and fiberglass planters for your next trade show, fill out the custom quote request form.

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