Contemporary Office Design Trends: Build the Mood with Metal & Fiberglass Planters

Posted on March 26, 2018

Office design these days is all about collaboration. An environment that supports a collaborative effort, allowing workers to easily chat about projects or discuss new ideas is considered paramount to a company’s success. Not only are large corporations adopting this mindset, but in cities all across the country, co-working spaces are popping up. These open office spaces, which allow freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers to rent a desk or cubicle by the day or month, are also a part of this growing trend.

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In order for collaborative office spaces like these to work well, the design has to set the right mood. Many co-working spaces are being set up in remodeled warehouses, which are ideal for this purpose. High ceilings, lots of open space, and great downtown locations make these office spaces prime real estate for the workers who use them. Bright colors and contemporary office furniture and fixtures add to the trendy feel of these spaces. Many of them feature local artists’ work on the walls, as well.

Planters Help Set the Mood

Whether you’re setting up a corporate office space or a co-working environment, commercial planters can be helpful in setting the mood. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, contemporary metal and fiberglass planters punch up the style and draw people in. And that’s when the good juju starts to flow.

PureModern offers a terrific selection of fiberglass planters to fit your office space needs. Fiberglass planters are durable and lightweight, and they’re great for both interior and exterior areas. They’re available in a stunning array of colors and finishes, so no matter what color palette you’ve chosen for walls and floors, you’ll find a fiberglass planter that’s a perfect fit. They’re easy to move around to suit your needs, and can be fitted with self-watering inserts and tanks which take the fuss out of keeping plants alive.

Our metal planters, especially our Modern Elite Series (like our Wide Tower Planter), offer a range of shapes and sizes; from round, to square, rectangle, tall, tower, tapered and hex - and a variety in between. They provide some incredible choices for a hip work environment.

Designs to Stimulate Creative Thinking

Consider boosting the mood in the office with a fiberglass planter like the PurePots Round Sake Pot from PureModern. Its beautiful curved lines make it a great choice to liven up corners or anchor the end of a couch in a waiting area. Group it with the wide-mouth Burke Bowl Planter for a stunning display of roundness. Or go with this striking metal Modern Elite Round Planter, made from marine grade aluminum, available in 9 sizes and thousands of custom colors. Try filling these planters with mounded petunias or impatiens for a gorgeous and uplifting pop of color.

Add a Lemon Twist

Try a little twist to add interest to the office with the Twisted Planter, also from PureModern. This beautiful commercial planter is maintenance free and non-corrosive. Available in an array of custom colors, set this one on either end of the reception desk for a surprising treat. The Solstice Planter is a great choice for container trees. Trees have a way of making a place feel more inviting and comfortable - two elements that are critical to the success of a collaborative workspace. Try planting a lemon tree and see what happens. And remember the popular saying...when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Most of PureModern’s metal and fiberglass planters can be completely customized to your office environment’s needs. Click here to get started with a custom quote for your office.

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