Columns, Cubes, Bowls, & Squares: Metal Planters Perfect for Marketing Agency Decor

Posted on April 10, 2018

Drab cubicles rarely inspire employee creativity, and luckily, marketing agencies have been among the first to realize that; agencies are often on the cutting-edge of interior design, adopting unique, cool and inspiring decor to stimulate their artistic workforces. This often involves incorporating live plants in sensational metal planters of various shapes and sizes that complement the agency’s design aesthetic.

Plants and containers aren’t just for outdoor commercial spaces. There are wide-ranging benefits to adding plants inside an agency, too - from organizational and health benefits, to expanding the interior design opportunities using unique commercial planters in column-, square- and bowl-shapes.  

Office plants improve productivity and clean the air

Studies have found that incorporating plants in offices and workplaces can improve employee productivity by 15%*. Employees report enjoying work more, feeling more cared about by their employers, and perceiving that there is better indoor air quality when their organizations enrich their office spaces with plants.

And improved indoor air quality when plants are present isn’t just a perception - it’s a reality. According to many studies, live indoor plants can have a big impact on reducing toxic chemicals in the air (like formaldehyde, benzene and xylene) emitted from furniture, carpets, and printers. To reduce indoor air pollution — while simultaneously adding beauty and color — choose plants for your agency that are especially effective at cleaning the air.

The most efficient air-cleansing plants include Boston ferns, spider plants, snake plants, bamboo palm, dwarf banana plants and peace lillies. Pair them with one of the uniquely-shaped, handcrafted metal planters, below, and you have an upscale, natural air filtration system.

Columns, Cubes and Bowls...oh my!

Achieve all those benefits in your marketing agency with plants in column-shaped or tapered commercial planters. A line of tall, tapered metal planters, such as the Twain Round Tapered Planter, available in bronze, copper or black zinc, would add a bold visual delineation between workspaces, or would contribute symmetry and greenery when surrounding a mixed-use collaborative area.  

Square or cuboid planters add a modern flair to offices. If your ad agency’s decor features strong lines and tends toward the modern, select square commercial planters to showcase the office’s trees and plants. A premier-quality cube planter for a marketing agency is the PurePots Square Cuboid. For additional sleek metal planters in square shapes, look no further than the Modern Elite Cube Planter, made of heavy-gauge marine-grade aluminum, and available in a variety of sizes and metallic finishes.

“Round out” your exploration of the artistry of plant containers with bowl-shaped planters. Metal planters in bowl shapes offer a warm, modern style to complement your agency’s decor. English ivy or a grouping of succulents would look elegant in the low, wide Artemis Bowl Planter or the taller and deeper Woodbury Planter.

Adding “office landscaping” can make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be and create happier and healthier employees. Incorporate a vibrant mix of plants in metal planters to achieve these benefits, and realize the interior design goals of your marketing agency.

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