Choosing Fiberglass Planters to Accent Cacti in a Mexican Restaurant Theme

Oct 12, 2017

Fusion food is an amazingly popular trend, and one that is just continuing to grow. Diners are looking to experience their favorites (or new favorites) in new and unique ways. Everything from classic French cuisine to Korean barbecue has been paired with other types of cuisine to make delicious dishes. The same can be said of restaurant décor, and modern diners have come to think of the spaces around them as a relevant part of the dining experience. It is why owners of Mexican restaurants, or those going for a Mexican restaurant theme, will want to pay attention to fiberglass planters.


Modern Planters Balance Traditional Plants

When you think of a Mexican restaurant theme, what plants do you envision? Most of us picture some sort of desert plant, like the cactus or another kind of hearty succulent. If you look around a well-decorated restaurant's interior, plants are always part of the décor, and there should be no exception where a Mexican theme is at work. Fiberglass planters are an ideal option because they are available in more contemporary forms, and these will work well with the angles and sharper lines of a cactus.

For example, there are modern planters made of fiberglass in wider, round and shallow forms. These can balance out a nice array of succulents and cacti - even working as a living centerpiece. Of course, you can also find fiberglass planters in rounded or rectangular forms. Each can be selected to pair with the species of cactus or succulent to serve as a perfect counterbalance. A rounded vessel works well with a tall and branching cactus or a spiked succulent with lots of sharp angles. The rectangular modern planters would work beautifully with low-lying succulents offering some bursts of pink or yellow bloom. Such combinations add a lot of dynamic energy, but also keep well in line with the theme.

Color and Fiberglass Planters

If you choose fiberglass planters, the vessel can also be coated in the bold and vibrant hues that are such an important facet of the Mexican theme. Think of the turquoise, ruby red, bold yellow and sun soaked terra cotta colors of Mexican linens, pottery and garments. Modern planters made of fiberglass can be found in these gorgeous hues and then paired with cactus as a perfect contrast.

Also keep in mind, that as modern planters, they are also designed for commercial purposes. This makes them much more long-wearing than standard planters. They can withstand seasons of use, and fiberglass planters are also incredibly light in their total weight. This makes them a wonderful choice for seasonal dining spaces where an organic element, along with the color and form, can boost the customer's overall experience.

When thinking of Mexican restuarant theme décor, think fiberglass and modern planters from Pure Modern. They are among the most flexible options and can give you a huge range of shapes, colors and forms from which to create your settings.


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