Choose Rippled Planters to Add Texture to Your Designs

Posted on March 22, 2017

For designers, there’s nothing quite like looking over a bare backyard and wondering what items (like tall cases or outdoor planters) to fill it with. This is akin to an artist’s relationship to a blank canvas, or a writer’s with the blank page; there are so many possibilities, so many things to add to the backyard that can aid in achieving the desired appearance. When all of the main furniture is chosen and installed, there may be blank spaces yet that need filling. This is where outdoor planters come in. When used in the proper setting, rippled planters can go a long way in adding texture to the surroundings.

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Safety, or Contrast?

With the sheer number of planter options available, it’s easy to see how designers can experience some minor paralysis over not being able to choose. In these cases, it’s tempting for designers to opt for the standard, monotone, rectangular, flat-shaped outdoor planters as a safe choice that won’t risk clashing with the other design elements of the backyard. Or, for the more adventurous designers, standard tall outdoor planters with the same attributes can be installed, and can even be accented with visually captivating plants in order to give off a vibrant look. These typically safe design choices work well in a variety of areas, and there isn’t anything wrong with designers opting for the less abrasive, complementary option.

Rippled Planters — Rich in Depth and Tone

While all of the above may be true, it’s important for designers to keep in mind that with greater risk comes greater reward. Adding a unique, eye-catching outdoor planter, such as one with a rippled pattern, can provide the kind of depth and tone that safe design choices alone cannot achieve. Rippled bowl planters can be ideal for the right patio and decks. As always, these items can be used to a complementary or contrasting effect, either matching ideally with the surrounding furniture or providing stark visual differences that are innately appealing to observers. Rippled outdoor planters, particularly when paired with beautiful, spirited plants, can be ideal additions to the area they’re installed in.

Once again, it’s important for designers to respect the fundamental laws of design when installing any trough planter in an area, including rippled outdoor planters. There are few things worse than a beautifully-prepared outdoor area with an overall aesthetic appeal that is being dampened by the misuse of a complementary item. In these cases, as in all cases of subtle additions to an area’s design, it’s important to assess the aesthetic of the backyard as a whole, and carefully choose the right outdoor planters. Whether that planter is rippled, monotone, square, rectangular, circular, or tapered, it should be the only planter that can be used to the best possible effect in the backyard. In these cases, designers who meditate over and experiment with the various outdoor planter options will be highly rewarded with a beautiful backyard for their clients.

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