Add Post Modern Flair to Gardens with Element 44 Planters

Oct 16, 2017

The Postmodern movement was characterized by an abrupt departure from minimalism. In place of the perfect structures of the past, Postmodern supporters found beauty in more abstract, complex, and contradictory pieces. The movement mirrored the social landscape at the time, which was described as a time of skepticism and a general suspicion of absolute truth and reason.

In the home, interior designers challenged the notion of perfect order being necessary to create a beautiful environment. Form became less about function and more of a statement. The Vanna Venturi House of 1964 is a perfect example of this notion, with it’s superfluous angles, bold colors, and sensational use of pattern.

Today, many designers still embrace certain qualities from the Postmodern era, with distinct differences. For example, today’s popular colors are neutral not loud, and the future is mostly built for function over expression, however, remnants of Postmodernism can be found in the use of items with visible defects, or pieces with “character.” There is a general  theory in contemporary design that relates to the Postmodern era, embracing the idea that beauty can be found in imperfections.

PureModern’s Element 44 planter is an incredible piece which embodies Postmodern ideals while blending beautifully with contemporary decor.  These planters have a unique, asymmetrical shape that draws the eye and creates an extraordinary focal piece for your  garden.

Challenge Design Notions with Post Modern Planters


Element 44 Planters are very popular because they are designed unlike any traditional planters, creating a conversational piece that stands out in any outdoor setting.  The planter features a form inspired by shoreline rock formations, with a design that draws the eye upward.  


These planters are available in two different types of finishes,  Corten Steel or aluminum.  If your space doesn’t allow for this uniquely shaped planter, consider adding a Modern Elite Tapered Planter.  These planters draw the eye upward while not taking up as much horizontal space as the Element 44, and still provide a very unique style.

Combining Postmodern Decor with Contemporary Furniture


Love the look of the Element 44 Planters, and want to maintain a modern feel? You can easily mix and match materials in one space if you’re careful with the details. The Element 44 Planters are made of aluminum or Corten Steel, making black or gray planters easy to pair. The color of the planter is also neutral enough to make your modern furniture look cohesive in the same space.


However, if you’d like your planter to be a statement piece for any outdoor space, PureModern can powder coat any of the Element 44 Planters (or any planter made of aluminum). You can choose from colors such as bright red or yellow, both of which are sure to capture your guest’s attention.  

Your home decor options are endless when you select one of PureModern’s beautiful planters.  For example, if you love the Postmodern look, but are looking for a  long rectangle planter, consider the Element 16 Planter.  The appeal of Postmodern decor is that it allows you to break traditional design rules and focus on what pleases you. At PureModern, we encourage you to experiment with your space until you find the perfect fit for your needs and taste.

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