Add Extraordinary Water Garden Effects Using Fiberglass Bowl Planters

Posted on February 14, 2018

Fiberglass bowl planters by PureModern are perfect for creating a water garden effect in any space.

Creating a beautiful space for your customers to enjoy can take some effort. You have to consider the purpose of the space first and foremost. Are you designing a hip, chic coffee shop in midtown? Plotting out walking trails through the grounds of a museum? Or installing a “serenity corner” in a massage therapist’s office? Each of these spaces is unique, and calls for different design elements to make it effective. But all of these spaces can benefit from water garden effects.

Water Gardens Work Indoors

Creating a small water garden in any indoor space is fairly simple and inexpensive. All you need is some potting soil, water, plants suited to water gardens, and varying sizes of bowl planters. With a little vision and creativity, you can have your water garden set up in no time.

Fiberglass bowl planters are an ideal choice for water gardens because they’re lightweight and easy to arrange. The shape of the bowl provides plenty of room for layering plants: submerged plants first, emergent plants in the middle, and floaters on top. The wide mouth of the bowl gives you the space you need to create the look you want. And staggering bowls of varying sizes and colors creates a unique and interesting design element for any space. For instance, you might consider a large Tau Cratera Round Planter by PureModern in a bronze finish, with a medium version of the same planter in a different finish such as Midas. Add some fanwort, corkscrew rush, water lilies or water hyacinths in a pink or purple, and you have a stunning display of color that adds interest to a plain corner, or a focal point to a room.

Water Gardens Work Outdoors, Too

Container water gardens are a great choice for outdoor spaces where a typical in-ground pond system isn’t practical, either from a space or a cost perspective. PureModern has many modern planters that work well for water gardens. The PurePots Round Sake Pots would be a great choice for a bright pop of color on a garden terrace. Mix and match colors and sizes to get the look you want. Or combine them with the Burke Bowl Planter for a slightly different look and feel. You can even put fish in your water garden. Small guppies or mollies are great additions. Not only will your customers enjoy watching them swim around, but they also eat the algae, decaying organic matter, and mosquito larvae that accumulate on the surface of the container pond, thereby keeping it clean and virtually maintenance free. All you have to do is replenish the water as it evaporates. You’ll be amazed at the gorgeous spaces you can create once you get started.

If you need help getting started with a water garden, give PureModern a call. Their fiberglass bowl planters can be custom made to suit your needs. Click here to get started with a customer quote for your unique space.

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