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Dec 10, 2015

Community Centre University of British Columbia Canada Modern Elite Dividers

Custom Modern & Contemporary Planters by PureModern

Have you searched for a modern planter for an upcoming project and been unhappy with the options available?  Or simply just not found anything to meet your specific needs? PureModern will create custom commercial-grade planters to your specifications, timeline, and budget needs. We offer a variety of materials, shapes and finishes and provide installation and irrigation accessories.

Finding a planter to fit your space can be challenging if you can’t find the right size or finish that you desire. A tall, skinny rectangular aluminum planter may be the answer for a living fence to create privacy for your client’s veranda. Make your row house front door unique from your neighbors by choosing a custom planter in a color of your choice that complements your house but sets it apart from your neighbors and increases curb appeal.
Planters can add visual appeal to an expansive hotel roof top deck or to a corporate office space. With Ollie Plant Sippers and EZ Fill-Ter bags, installation and irrigation simplifies the process and saves you money and time.
PureModern understands that our customers have important deadlines for events such as restaurant openings or foundation thank-you dinners, and because of this we have become an industry leader for turn-around time for custom planters.
We look forward to discussing custom planter needs with you -- from material to size and finish -- and working creatively to meet your budget and deadline. Please call 1-800-563-0593 for questions or fill out a custom planter quote request form now if you are ready to purchase.



PureModern offers custom planters that are square, round, rectangular, and tapered. 

                         Modern Elite Wide Rectangular Planter White                          



PureModern offers custom planters made from Commercial Grade Heavy Gauge Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Ductal UHPC Concrete, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel or Corten Steel. 





Choose one of our stock colors or any RAL color.  


Irrigation & Installation Accessories


Save water and time by using an Ollie Plant Sipper and a few EZ Fill-Ter bags. 




We can custom manufacture powder coated aluminum planters in as little as 12 working days or less.


Fill out a Custom Planter Quote Request Form Now or call 1-800-563-0593

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