Sizzling Fire Pit Ideas

Posted on April 13, 2017

When it comes to tying all design elements of a backyard together, nothing gets the job done like a fire table or fire pit. Here are a few great ideas for implementing these items into a backyard’s design.

Under the Gazebo

Homeowners can enjoy the warmth of a fire table regardless of weather conditions by adding the piece under the gazebo. This ensures that all guests will be effectively sheltered from the weather while they gather and relax by the fire.

Sticking to a Natural Feel

People have been gazing into fires with good company since the birth of our species, and a modern design, which reflects that natural element is a good way to frame the fire pit. For instance, surrounding the fire pit with crushed stone and accentuating the area with seating made of hardwood is a great way to maintain an earthy, natural feel in the backyard.

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Fire Table and Coffee Table All in One

The convenient thing about some modern fire table designs is that they effectively double as coffee tables. Of course, when using a fire pit table as a coffee table, it’s important the table’s usable surface is a safe distance away from the flickering flames.

Fire on the Go

In some backyards, there are just too many potentially fitting places for a fire pit or table; sometimes, it’s best to opt for a portable version in order to add some versatility to the functionality of a backyard. Portable fire pit tables can be placed under a gazebo, out on the patio, or between some lawn chairs by the pool. As always, prioritize safety when transporting portable fire pits or tables, and it’s certainly not advised to do so as the fire is burning.

Fire Pits & Tables Make Design Statements

Ultimately, there is ample room for creative play when it comes to adding a fire table or fire pit to a backyard. As long as homeowners follow the fundamental tenets of design (making sure that colors and materials don’t clash and that the environment offers an inviting vibe to visitors), they’re free to pick any flaming complementary furniture piece of their choice, and install it in the area of their choosing.

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