6 Sizzling Fire Pit Design Ideas

Posted on October 22, 2018

Installing a fire pit in the backyard is a great way to extend the seasonal use of your backyard area. Fire pits offer many benefits besides just keeping warm. A crackling fire is mesmerizing; fire pits add beauty, create a focal point, and give the space that “campfire” feeling that makes people want to pull up a log and dive into a good storytelling session.

If the reasons mentioned above aren’t enough to get you moving on the installation of your own fire pit, here are 6 fire pit design ideas that will take your yard to a whole new level. Pick your favorite and get started.

Create a Separate Outdoor “Room”

Center your fire pit under a pergola to create the hint of a separate room within your backyard space. While it won’t be enclosed as a typical room would be, the overhead latticework and vertical corner posts define the space the way the walls of a room do. Start some fast-growing vines that will climb the uprights and expand overhead to provide a bit of shade. With the fire pit as a focal point, your cozy space will become an enticing spot everyone will enjoy.

Pair Fire with Water

While a fire pit is mighty spectacular on its own, it’s double dynamite when paired with a fountain. The sound of water splashing over the edges of a fountain is soothing and pairs nicely with sound of crackling flames. Add some beautiful lighting to both design elements and you have a backyard that says “wow.”

Give Your Pool a Facelift

Another unique idea in fire pit design is to create a sunken fire pit area in the middle of your swimming pool. This idea works best, of course, when you implement it in the beginning stages of your pool design and installation process. But imagine being able to step up out of the pool, descend a few steps and have a seat in front of the fire. If that’s a little too radical for you, try installing the fire pit a few feet away from the pool itself. The firelight will shimmer on the water and provide a little ambiance for those nighttime swims.

Create a Sunken Treasure

You can also use the sunken fire pit idea elsewhere in your yard. It’s not necessary to dig a deep pit to make this work. A descent of 2 or 3 steps is sufficient to give that feeling of secret seclusion that comes with a sunken living space. Add a few comfortable outdoor chairs and a couple of small tables to the picture and you have a cozy space that’s perfect for chilly evenings.

Use Unique Seating Choices

For a more natural, back-to-earth look and feel, try surrounding your backyard fire pit with boulders instead of chairs. Large flat-surface boulders are readily available, require no maintenance, and create a unique seating area that blends well with a more natural environment.

Use Color Generously

Dress up the space around your fire pit with the generous use of colorful pillows, cushions, and other accessories. Contemporary planters filled with flowers or ferns also create a pop of color. Today’s modern fire pits come in a variety of color finishes, so pick the one that complements the rest of your outdoor decor. You can also dress it up by using colored glass fire beads instead of lava rock.

PureModern offers stylish fire pits that are durable, versatile, and easy to install in any backyard space. Give them a call or visit them online for advice, answers to your questions, or to get a custom quote.


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