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Posted on September 17, 2015

Increase Your Carbon Handprint with PureModern

Over 7 billion people live on Earth and they all need a place to sleep, eat, prepare food, sit with family or friends, and earn a wage. Peter Menzel’s book Material World: A Global Family Portrait  illustrates what people consider to be necessary to fulfill their needs. Families from different countries – including Mexico, Iceland, Japan, and South Africa – with similar economic standing were asked to drag all their possessions onto the front yard. How much yard space would be covered if you were asked to do this same thing? Our personal lifestyles, habits, material goods – everything increases our personal carbon footprints and impacts the health of our planet. 

But instead of focusing on the damage, we should focus on increasing our carbon handprint – a term that refers to one’s intentional positive impacts on the environment. Because individuals and families may not be able to radically change how or where they live or how they travel. Likewise, schools, businesses, medical facilities, and organizations are not always able to drastically change how they operate., founded by Greg Norris, Ph.D. can help you find ideas for making positive changes at home or work.

One family who did make radical lifestyle changes is the Johnson family from Mill Valley, California. As illustrated by photos and text by Sunset online magazine, Bea Johnson and her husband and their two children implemented major modifications in 2008 to their home-living and lifestyle routines, not just their home size, in order to achieve zero waste living. Check out her blog, “Zero Waste Home” and book by the same name. Originally from France, Johnson’s simple guideline, her 5 R’s, is “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (and only in that order).”

While you may not be able to reduce your annual garbage amount to that which fits into a 32-ounce glass jar, like the Johnson family did last year, there are ways to be more responsible consumers – by furnishing our homes with consideration for how our purchasing decisions and lifestyle habits impact the environment. With a few of PureModern products you can rejuvenate instead of replace, buy furniture made from recycled materials, provide a place to recycle, and purchase products made with Forest Stewardship Council certified wood or CARB compliant MDF. Happy Handprinting!

           Rejuvenate with RETile or Window Film


Blue Sunflower RETile Decal  Hibiscus Black RETile Decal

Transit Privacy Window Film   Dandelion Privacy Window Film   

                                  Recycled & Reclaimed 


Newport Dining Table Fumed Oak Van Buren Coffee Table


Denim Flag Cushion  Lowell Recycled Desk Lamp

FSC Certified Wood & CARB Compliant MDF Furniture


Vestry Wood Queen Bed  Peterson Seared Oak Dining Table

Martha Dining Table with Extension Leaf  Nelle Oval Walnut Dining Table

                                             Recycle in Style


       Aluminum Powder Coated Recycle Bin              Prince Recycle Container

          Hexagonal Recycle Bin                Rectangular Recycle Bin


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