2017 Garden Design Trends

Feb 16, 2017

Designers have a lot to look forward to in 2017, whether inside the home or out. The popular gardening accessories of 2016 will remain largely relevant, but they’ll have to be used with up-and-coming, highly intriguing design trends that are sure to add an additional layer of depth to an outdoor area.

Garden Subtlety

In 2017, gardens won’t be as over the top as they once were. Subtle color ranges will be highly attractive, along with monotone color palettes such as all white. The beauty of gardens is now in the intricacies, such as the interesting edging of a stone wall, or the mindful placement of contemporary planters. Designers can create a focus and also install planters that form the basis of a truly functional garden space. PureModern’s striking trough planters deliver a fascinating look when placed perpendicular in the garden, for a layered effect. These planters and some of the complementary accessories we offer can create truly unique looks that vary by day and night.

2017 garden design trends - cube planters | PureModern

Plant-centric Designs

This year, gardens will take a step forward by taking one back, and reverting to their original purposes rather than simply filling a backyard with the appropriate outdoor patio accessories. Gardens were initially conceptualized for agricultural purposes, and people are re-honoring that tradition in a big way. 2017 will see gardens return to their purpose, and that functionality will be implemented in a backyard’s design. As this trend grows, it’s projected that it will encapsulate more than just planting and harvesting crops; eventually it may evolve to beekeeping, composting, attracting pollinators, and keeping chickens.

LED Lighting Reigns Supreme

Though the industry of LED lighting got off to an initially shaky start, the technology surrounding LED lights has evolved significantly. Now, despite their relatively significant initial costs, LED lighting offers considerable long term savings on energy while providing progressively improving technology. LED lights sold these days are offered in a wide range of warm and cool colors appropriate for a variety of systems. Some lighting schemes are controlled directly from a homeowner’s smartphone, with customizable features such as light dimming, on/off controls, and brightness. Additionally, LED lighting schemes can be customized in a myriad of colors and flickering patterns when it’s time to celebrate a big night in the garden.

Sharp Design Integrated With Sustainable Features

Modern design centers around a minimal aesthetic, but people tend to forget that it centers just as strongly around functionality. In 2017, gardens will largely take a turn for the more functional and sustainable, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing. For example, past garden trends encouraged peanut-shaped rain gardens installed right in the front yard. However, in 2017, we’ll see landscapes optimized for functionality, built to respond to the architecture and topography with suitable vegetation choices that will fit the garden’s scale.

Additions to the garden, such as lighting and modern planters, must be installed with the proper respect to new design trends like sustainability, subtlety, and a return to form. Gardens in 2017 will be refreshing hubs of functionality that are additionally really pleasing to look at.

Garden season will be upon us soon! PureModern’s contemporary planter selection can help you achieve your ultimate garden design.

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