Create a Healthy Body and Mind with PureModern Planters.

Posted on April 17, 2015


Create a Healthy Body and Mind with PureModern Planters.

Want to improve the health of your guests, customers, or employees? Adding attractive greenery to any indoor or outdoor space benefits both body and mind - while also creating a more inviting ambiance and solving your decorative and design needs. Daily life is mostly spent indoors - we sleep 6-8 hours, workout at a gym before or after work for an hour, and work inside for 6-10 hours. But is a predominately indoor existence really detrimental to our well-being?

Well, let's talk about air quality. Toxic agents - such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, bio-effluents, and microbes - are found in electronics, flooring, cleaning products and home decor. According to a NASA Clean Air Study ( ), we can improve our indoor environments by introducing more plants because they literally suck up the toxins and increase the humidity in the room. A few of the top performers are the Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Rubber Plant and Dracaena "Janet Craig" as mentioned in the book, How to Grow Fresh Air by Dr. B.C. Wolverton.

Adding plants to an outdoor deck, patio, or roof top also brings solace to people - whether they're gazing out a window from an office, dental or dining chair. As Frank Lloyd Wright used to advise his students, "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

Scholar  Theordore Roszak (1933-2011)  coined the term "ecopsychology" in 1995, followed by pastoral counselor Howard Clineball introducing "ecotherapy" a year later. Observing and interacting with nature, whether tending a garden or simply sitting among trees, can relieve stress and help people heal.

Trees and flowers displayed in PureModern planters can fulfill your functional space needs, such as screening views of your neighbors, create a waiting area in your spa, or adding color to a patio.

So, whether you're drinking coffee and adding images to your ideabook on, dining alfresco with friends or family, recovering from the flu, or watching Downton Abbey with your favorite canine, incorporating greenery in a PureModern planter can help keep us in touch with nature and increase our physical well-being.

What is your desired planter application?

Will a planter be used to separate dining spaces, create privacy, create a pathway, or bring color by your pool's deck? Is the space indoor or outdoor? Is it for a roof top garden or your entry way, or placed on a tabletop?



What planter shape fits your available space?

Do you want a planter with a small footprint to maximize the seating in your restaurant or do you have enough space to have a wonderful bowl overflowing with grandeur? Is there sufficient natural lighting where you want to place a planter - either from a nearby window or directly from the sky above?




What planter material fits your needs and budget?

PureModern offers planters made from commercial grade aluminum that's powder-coated inside and out, as well as those made from Stainless steel or Corten Steel with its natural earthy hues. We also carry planters made of fiberglass either with an automotive paint finish or a metal fused finish that attains a natural patina over time. 


Need a planter in a different size or color?

Contact PureModern if you would like a different size or color than what's currently offered. Many of our planters can be customized to fit your needs. Please call 800.563.0593.


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