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900647_1_1.jpg, Wood, Beige
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900648_9_1.jpg, Wood, Piping
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900647_1_4.jpg, Wood, Beige
900647_1_5.jpg, Wood, Beige
900647_1_6.jpg, Wood, Beige
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900647_1_8.jpg, Wood, Beige
900648_9_2.jpg, Wood, Piping
900647_1_9.jpg, Wood, Beige
900648_9_3.jpg, Wood, Piping
900648_9_4.jpg, Wood, Piping
900648_9_5.jpg, Wood, Piping
900648_9_6.jpg, Wood, Piping
900648_9_7.jpg, Wood, Piping
900648_9_8.jpg, Wood, Piping
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900648_9_11.jpg, Wood, Piping

Wooten Sleeper Sofa

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The Wooten Sleeper Sofa most stunning example we offer for a convertable sofa/ sleeper. This new look will update any living, office or second bedroom.

The stream lined convertible sofa folds out to a full sized sleeping area with storage under seat for your pillows and blankets. The fabric is a natural linen polyblend with a brilliant blue piping.

The interior storage is finished with a zebra stripe veneer, classing up the standard for this type of multi-functional sleeper sofa.

Available Finish/Color: Beige, Piping


Overall Size: 35 - 55 (Adjustable)L x 75W x 26H inches/ 179 Lbs
Seat Height: 17 inches
Seat Width: 77 inches
Seat Depth: 29 - 55 inches Adjustable

Ships within 3-4 days

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