500309_3_1.jpg, Steel, Red
500311_1_1.jpg, Steel, Blue
500311_1_2.jpg, Steel, Blue
500309_3_1.jpg, Steel, Red
500312_1_1.jpg, Steel, Green
500311_1_3.jpg, Steel, Blue
500310_5_1.jpg, Steel, Gray
500311_1_4.jpg, Steel, Blue
500311_1_5.jpg, Steel, Blue
500309_3_2.jpg, Steel, Red
500309_3_3.jpg, Steel, Red
500309_3_4.jpg, Steel, Red
500309_3_5.jpg, Steel, Red
500312_1_2.jpg, Steel, Green
500312_1_3.jpg, Steel, Green
500312_1_4.jpg, Steel, Green
500312_1_5.jpg, Steel, Green
500310_5_2.jpg, Steel, Gray
500310_5_3.jpg, Steel, Gray
500310_5_4.jpg, Steel, Gray
500310_5_5.jpg, Steel, Gray

Sumner Occasional Chair

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A tulip in furniture form, the Sumner Occasional Chair adds a bold touch to any space. Arms move in perfect harmony with the curving back, above a base of chromed steel. Comes in carnelian red, iron gray, island blue, or pistachio green.

Cover: Polyblend
Finish: Steel

26.8L x 28W x 30H inches / 45 lbs
Seat Height: 17.5 inches
Seat Depth: 16.5 inches

Assembly Required

Ships within 2-3 days

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