Stainless Steel Soap Bar

Stainless Steel Soap Bar

The incredible Stainless Steel Soap Bar neutralizes foul smells and breaks odors molecules upon contact in your home, workplace, refrigerator or car without the use of any chemicals. It never wears out and no additional cleaning is ever necessary.

The Stainless Steel Soap Bar begins to work as soon as it comes into contact with air and water. No harmful additives or harsh cleansers are needed - lasts a lifetime and is environmentally friendly.

Unlike normal air fresheners, the Stainless Steel Soap Bar doesn't just cover up or mask the smell with synthetic fragrance, it completely neutralizes and eliminates the odor. Some odors are so stubborn and penetrating that conventional soaps alone cannot remove them - only the Stainless Steel Soap Bar can fully remove these powerful nuisances!

- Does It Really Work? -
The Stainless Steel Soap Bar acts as an oxidation catalyst to separate the different molecules in the air or on your hands, thereby neutralizing and eradicating the smell. Sulfur from powerful odors is attracted to bind with the metal compounds in the stainless steel thereby removing the smell from the room or your hands.

Works on powerful odors such as raw fish, garlic, onions, cheese, cologne, perfume, alcohol and cigarette smoke. For particularly stubborn, hard to remove odors such as diesel or oil, use warm water for approximately 60 seconds.

- How Do I Use It? -
Simply rub the Soap Bar between your hands under cold water and after about 20 seconds, odors disappear and your hands will smell fresh and clean.

To eliminate smells in a room, place Soap Bar in a small bowl half-filled with water. The Bar must be in contact with both the water and air for odor to be eliminated. After a few short hours, the room will smell clean and fresh again.

For a refrigerator, place on a wet paper towel or cloth and close the door - after 2 or 3 hours your fridge will be odor free. This same process can be used to eliminate tough smells and odors in your trash or garbage can.

Don't forget to wash your Stainless Steel Soap Bar in warm soapy water before its first use. To function most effectively, it may be necessary to remove the machine oil that may come into contact with the Soap Bar during the manufacturing process.

Product Size: 4"W x 2.5"L x .75"H inches

Ship Time: 1-3 days

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