B-OR3PC%20BN%2BGY_3_1.JPG, Medium Brown Top
B-OR3PC%20BN%2BGY_3_1.JPG, Medium Brown Top
B-OR3PC%20BN%2BGY_3_2.jpg, Medium Brown Top
B-OR3PC%20DKE%2BAN_3_1.JPG, Dark Espresso Top
B-OR3PC%20BN%2BGY_3_3.jpg, Medium Brown Top
B-OR3PC%20BN%2BGY_3_4.jpg, Medium Brown Top
B-OR3PC%20DKE%2BAN_3_3.JPG, Dark Espresso Top
B-OR3PC%20DKE%2BAN_3_4.jpg, Dark Espresso Top
B-OR3PC%20DKE%2BAN_3_5.jpg, Dark Espresso Top
B-OR3PC%20DKE%2BAN_3_6.JPG, Dark Espresso Top

Oregon Pub Set

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Versatile and stylish with an industrial feel, the LumiSource Oregon Bar Stools is the perfect piece to achieve the rustic warehouse vibe in your home. Constructed from steel and wood the Oregon Bar Set was build to last. Designed with style in mind, you'll love the rustic warehouse vibe combined with the timeworn charm. Available in two variations, dark expresso top with antique finish and medium brown top with a gray finish, pick the set that suits you best!

Table - 27.5L x 27.5W x 41H inches / 34 lbs
Stool - 17.8L x 17.8W x 30.3H inches / 13lbs

Ships within 3-5 days

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