NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Orange.jpg, White/ Orange
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Orange.jpg, White/ Orange
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Orange_1.jpg, White/ Orange
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Orange_2.jpg, White/ Orange
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Orange_3.jpg, White/ Orange
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Silver.jpg, Black/ Silver
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Silver_1.jpg, Black/ Silver
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Silver_2.jpg, Black/ Silver
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Silver_3.jpg, Black/ Silver
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Green.jpg, White/ Green
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Green_1.jpg, White/ Green
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Green_2.jpg, White/ Green
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%SmokedBlue.jpg, Black/ Smoked Blue
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%SmokedBlue_1.jpg, Black/ Smoked Blue
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%SmokedBlue_2.jpg, Black/ Smoked Blue
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%SmokedBlue_3.jpg, Black/ Smoked Blue
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Green.jpg, Black/ Green
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Green_1.jpg, Black/ Green
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Green_2.jpg, Black/ Green
NetworkOfficeChair-Black%%Green_3.jpg, Black/ Green
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Red.jpg, White/ Red
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Red_1.jpg, White/ Red
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Red_2.jpg, White/ Red
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%Red_3.jpg, White/ Red
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%SmokedBlue.jpg, White/ Smoked Blue
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%SmokedBlue_1.jpg, White/ Smoked Blue
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%SmokedBlue_2.jpg, White/ Smoked Blue
NetworkOfficeChair-White%%SmokedBlue_3.jpg, White/ Smoked Blue

Network Office Chair

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For a basic, yet sleek design, try the Network Office Chair. It adds a touch of modern flair to your home office, conference room, or board room. The padded seat and lumbar support creates comfort for the long days at work. The Network Office Chair offers a comfortable PE backrest, adjustable height, adaptable tilt & tension, and swivels 360 degrees. It sits atop a sturdy 5-point metal base and casters for mobility. BIFMA certified.

22L x 25W x 36.6 - 39.5H inches / 23.4 lbs
Adjustable Height: 18.3 to 21.3 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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