MIX Set with 2 Glasses

MIX Set with 2 Glasses

The Mix Box Set by Marcus Vagnby includes 2 glass jars (one small, one large) with 3 assorted, interchangeable lids in black.

The MIX series allows you to mix and match the individual pieces: turning the bottle into a vase or transforming the storage jar into a bottle.

All tops fit either size glass bottle, providing a wealth of potential mixes. Designed for a modern lifestyle.

Mix Set Includes:
1 Small Glass Bottle, 0.8 liters/27 fluid ounces capacity
1 Large Glass Bottle, 1.1 liters/37 fluid ounces capacity
3 Lids (1 Shaker Lid, 1 Bottle Lid, 1 Storage Lid)

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