MCCABEMirror-Clear_1.jpg, MDF, Clear
MCCABEMirror-Clear_1.jpg, MDF, Clear
MCCABEMirror-Clear_2.jpg, MDF, Clear
MCCABEMirror-Clear_3.jpg, MDF, Clear
MCCABEMirror-Clear_4.jpg, MDF, Clear
MCCABEMirror-Clear_5.jpg, MDF, Clear

McCabe Mirror

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A reflective sunburst, the McCabe Mirror draws inspiration from ancient temples. But also quite handy in the modern day for hair arranging and lip gloss applying. Adds a sleek touch to any room.

Cover: Mirror
Finish: MDF

1L x 42W x 42H inches / 47 lbs

No Assembly Required

Ships within 2-3 days

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