HOOKSShelvingUnit-HardFumedOak.jpg, Hard Fumed Oak

Organic Modern Shelving Unit (49.3 inches long w/doors)

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The Organic Modern Shelving Unit can be used as a shelving unit or as a media cabinet. This unique model comes with a desk, three shelves, timber components, and sliding doors.

It has a module-based system to allow for making the necessary adjustments. All these three parts together create a full wall unit. This unit is ideal for areas with an industrial or urban style and is available in hard fumed oak.

Available Color/Finish: Hard Fumed Oak

Overall Size: 49L x 18W x 83H inches/ 53 Lbs

All combinations, including use as stand-alone single units, require an Organic Modern Shelving Capping Post.

Ships within 5-7 days

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