CummingsMirror-Black-Large-355Lx355Wx3Hinches%%15lbs_1.jpg, Black
CummingsMirror-Black-Large-355Lx355Wx3Hinches%%15lbs_1.jpg, Black
CummingsMirror-Black-Large-355Lx355Wx3Hinches%%15lbs_3.jpg, Black
CummingsMirror-Gold-Large-355Lx355Wx3Hinches%%15lbs_1.jpg, Gold
CummingsMirror-Gold-Large-355Lx355Wx3Hinches%%15lbs_3.jpg, Gold
CummingsMirror-Gold-Small-238Lx238Wx3Hinches%%20lbs_1.jpg, Gold
CummingsMirror-Gold-Small-238Lx238Wx3Hinches%%20lbs_3.jpg, Gold
CummingsMirror-Black-Small-238Lx238Wx3Hinches%%20lbs_1.jpg, Black
CummingsMirror-Black-Small-238Lx238Wx3Hinches%%20lbs_3.jpg, Black

Cummings Mirror

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The Cummings Mirror has stylish features that makes it the perfect choice for your home. This striking model is designed to be used as both a mirror and wall art.

It is a great addition to any home with a modern or contemporary style. It features a round shape, comes with a polished stainless steel frame, is available in black or gold, and has two size options.

Available Color/Finish: Black, Gold

Stainless Steel Frame
1/4 inch Mirror

Small: 24L x 24W x 3H inches/ 20 Lbs
Medium: 36L x 36W x 3H inches/ 15 Lbs

Ships within 5-7 days

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