BS-JY-CCN%20WL%2BBN_5.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-CCN%20WL%2BBN_5.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-CCN%20WL%2BBN_5_1.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-CCN%20NA%2BCR_3.JPG, Natural/ Cream
BS-JY-CCN%20WL%2BBN_5_2.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-CCN%20WL%2BBN_5_3.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-CCN%20WL%2BBN_5_4.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-CCN%20WL%2BBN_5_5.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-CCN%20NA%2BCR_3_1.JPG, Natural/ Cream
BS-JY-CCN%20NA%2BCR_3_2.JPG, Natural/ Cream
BS-JY-CCN%20NA%2BCR_3_3.JPG, Natural/ Cream
BS-JY-CCN%20NA%2BCR_3_4.JPG, Natural/ Cream
BS-JY-CCN%20NA%2BCR_3_5.JPG, Natural/ Cream

Cecina Bar Stool

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Step into the future of kitchen design with the modern appeal of the Cecina contemporary kitchen bar stools. A curved wood frame, chrome footrest and swivel seat are smartly juxtaposed on these padded bar stools by a traditional high cushioned back and seat.

18.5L x 17W x 41H inches / 22.5 lbs

Ships within 3-5 days

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