black ice cream scoop right
black ice cream scoop right
BELLE-V Ice Cream Scoop - Black

BELLE-V Ice Cream Scoop - Black

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Achieve the perfect scoop and remove that last little bit of ice cream easily with the BELLE-V Ice Cream Scoop. This ice cream scoop has been designed to maximize the natural leverage of your wrist as well as the heat of your hand to effortlessly attain your next scoop.

The BELLE-V Ice Cream Scoop weighs 7 oz, and is made of aluminum for its strength and high thermal conductivity. This BELLE-V ergonomically correct kitchen tool is right handed, teflon coated and has a matte finish.

This product is not only functional but is so beautifully crafted it makes for a perfect thank you or I love you gift and comes complete with its very own gift box which can also be used for future storage. Happy Scooping!


7"L x 2.25"W x 1"H 

Ship Time: 5-8 days

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