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A place for everything: It's possible to have a place for everything with modern home storage from PureModern! We've found that when everything has a spot to rest, it makes it easier for everyone. Have you ever been asked where something is over and over? Such as where is my wallet or my keys? What about those darn magazines you love to read but are always piled up on the coffee table and sliding off at the slightest touch or those items that need to be in the garage but you have no garage. We'll help you organize your favorite items with our modern trunks, end tables & more! 


How to Create a Luxurious Hotel Lobby Atmosphere with Planters
December 03, 2016

Rectangular Planter Options That Make a Statement When a guest enters a hotel lobby, greenery provides a breath of fresh air that contributes to a feeling of calm and relaxation. The sense of well-being that greenery can provide on a first impression cannot be underestimated. Relaxed and happy customers are...

Early Morning Ritual
June 27, 2016
Early Morning Ritual