Estadio Suspension Lamp

Estadio Suspension Lamp

The Estadio Chandelier from Santa & Cole Lighting was designed by Miguel Mila in 2002. First installed in the Barcelona Regional Government building and later illuminated the Olympic Ring and Montjuic Stadium in a larger format.

Metal tubular structure creates the ring of light with glass block sections covering the inside and outside of the structure. Suspended from three stainless steel cables which can be joined into one. Tube structure finished in sprayed tinted zinc, giving it a rust-protecting rough texture.
Requires professional installation.  Please allow 12-14 weeks for production. 
Contact PureModern for commercial & quantity pricing. 

Eighteen incandescent bulbs make up the light source of this powerful ring of light.
- Max. 18 x 60W, 230V E27 Tubular.
- Max. 18 x 23W, 230V TC-TSE E 27 Compact Floursecent

Dimensions: 59" Diameter
Height: 14.17" (glass part)
Weight: 485 lbs

Ship Time: 3-5 days

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More About Santa & Cole Lighting

Established in 1985 in Barcelona, Spain, Santa & Cole Lighting is an industrial design & editing company that seeks the best out of our day-to-day objects to offer a more pleasant experience from each. Completely opposite to the fashion at the time, the warm light from Santa & Cole lamps was received with great enthusiasm and is now a staple of their high quality lighting.

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